Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) is not only a powerful new media that demands and fosters interdisciplinary collaborations, but a powerful new collaborative tool. The VR studio at Media Study, UB, would like to showcase its collaborative work in a series of exhibitions at the Networks, Art & Collaboration Conference.

Location: Center for the Arts, 266
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We will exhibit the following works:

Networked Virtual Reality Art Pieces
A networked VR environment allows participants in different locations to share the same virtual environment. The participants see each other as avatars in the virtual environment. Since the participants are wearing tracking systems, participants can see where each other's avatars are looking and pointing as well as navigating. The following pieces have been created by students and faculty at UB, the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at UIC, and Indiana University. We are networking between these three sites.

PAAPAB - Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape, Dan Neveu (UB)
Beat Box - Margaret Dolinsky, Edward J. Dambik, Mitja Hmeljak, Nicolas Bradley (Indiana U)
Looking for Water - Dan Sandin, Laurie Spiegel (EVL)
Rutopia - Daria Tsoupikova,  Alex Hill, Julieta Aguilera, Helen-Nicole Kostis, Tina Shah (EVL)
Animagina - Julieta Aguilera, Seung Kang, Helen-Nicole Kostis, Tina Shah, Geoffrey Allan Baum, Damin Keenan, Alex Hill (EVL)

InterdisciplinaryVR Collaborations
Very typically collaborative teams of artists, computer programmers, and sound designers are needed to put together complex Virtual Environments. The scope and focus of such environments is virtually unlimited,. We would like to present the following stand-alone VR pieces that indicate some possible directions of the media. All these pieces were created at UB.

metaspace: dissimulation This project is the exploration of meta-spaces - the space between spaces. It is a place that reflects its inhabitants- unstable, unpredictable, and desolate. It is a place that also reflects our own fears. - Chris Galbraith, Ivan Itchkawich, Adrian Levesque 

Auralmap - This is a look at some of the possibilities of combining real-time audio processing with a virtual environment. - Dan Neveu

Whose Streets? - As a unique combination of the otherwise separated fields of (video) documentary and virtual reality "Whose Streets" is one of the first VR Documentaries ever. - Chris Outlaw, Richard Wetzel

The Trial The Trail (interactive drama in progress with intelligent agents) Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape, Stuart Shapiro, Vikranth Rao, Orkan Telhan, Trupti Devdas Nayak, Paul Visco

Something for the Piano Forte - An application controlled by an 88 key piano; A world is created and distorted through the piano. Music created by the user morphs the environment based on chord structures and voicings. A visual articulation of the language of sound.- Bogdan Marian