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Virtual Reality

CAVE (courtesey EVL)

low-cost VR system

I started working in VR when I enrolled as an MFA student at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) in Chicago in 1995. EVL developed the CAVE®,  a room-sized, virtual reality theater. In a typical CAVE configuration, computer generated images are  rear-projected onto the walls and front projected onto the floor.  The position of the user relative to the virtual world is tracked by a number of sensors. To create the stereo effect the user wears active-shutter glasses and the graphics system sequentially projects an image for the right and left eyes. The user carries a wand (3D mouse) with a joystick for navigation and buttons which can be programmed for interaction. 

In 2000 I joined the faculty of the Media Study Department of the University at Buffalo, and, with the collaboration of Dave Pape, and much help from Greg Dawe at EVL, built a low-cost VR system for the department. The system has one rear-projected screen, a tracking system and passive stereo. Using this system and the Ygdrasil VR authoring system that Dave has developed, our students, Dave and I continue to work on a variety of VR, dramatic VR, and networked VR projects. 

Virtual Reality Projects