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dance floor overview PAAPAB is a networked art application for CAVE or other projected VR display systems. PAAPAB is a dance-floor environment inhabited by life-size puppets that are animated by the users. Users from the different remote locations can watch each other record puppets. They can also dance with each other and their puppet recordings on the dance floor. PAAPAB was started in 2001.
In this picture the green robot is an avatar of a user in Austria and is recording with the sex kitten. Watching are avatars from Sweden and the US.

When the user enters a recording booth, A voice tells her to get ready to record.  As she dances,  position and orientation information is collected by the tracking sensors on the her head and hand(s) and mapped onto the puppet's body parts.

After 15 seconds, the puppet plays back the recording. Then the puppet leaves the recording booth area, and fly down to the dancefloor. On the dance floor the puppets dance, repeating the motions that different users have recorded. When all the puppets have been recorded, they are recycled.
The  users can also go down to the dance floor, dance among the puppets, and dance with each other. The VR images in this picture are doubled because of the stereo effect - users are wearing stereo glasses.
wing puppet Users can choose their puppet from a variety of different puppet styles. For IGrid 02 we added a puppet with wings, and skeleton puppets (thanks to Beth Cerny and YaLu Lin)
skeleton puppet This light-hearted application, nevertheless contains intimations of  my continuing obsession with issues of sexuality and identity. 
Who chooses which puppet and why? 
Is the puppet a split off part of the user, or does the user desire it, or both?

PAAPAB premiered as part of EVL:Alive on the Grid, at the Ars Electronica Festival 2001. It showed as part of a real disco at a Hallwalls fundraiser, "Pier Pleasure" (quicktime movie - 63 MB).  For other shows please see my exhibitions.
 Some Hi Res Images of Squeaky Wheel's techArts for Girls Studio visit in 2005.
Image 1
Image 2
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PAAPAB by: Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape & Dan Neveu.
Music by: Dan Neveu
Additional Modeling by: Joseph Alexander, Sara Nohejl, Beth Cerny and Yalu Lin
Software: Ygdrasil, CAVElib, Performer, Snerd, CAVERNsoft