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Virtual Drama

User in the Trial the Trail
low-cost VR system

User with the Thing, in the CAVE 
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When we read a novel or watch a film, we may identify with the protagonist.  In virtual reality the relationship is more direct; the user is the protagonist.  This is the starting point for my research in virtual drama. I construct a dramatic environment in which the user, as the main protagonist, interacts with virtual characters. The fiction that results is something that happens to the user; the application does not simply tell her a story, it actively involves her in a chain of events with emotional implications. These works are typically designed for  projected, immersive virtual reality systems (such as the CAVE). This means the user is not looking at a monitor but is immersed in sound and 3D graphics and wears a tracking system in order to interact with the virtual world. 

This research has three main areas

  • the appropriation of artificial intelligence techniques for the creation of responsive, believable, computer-controlled characters 
  • the adaptation of dramatic tools from existing narrative media to interactive, immersive VR
  • the building of cheap, robust, easy to use, VR systems

Starting in 2005, I also became more interested in Intermedia Performance, combining virtual actors and smart sets with live performers and real sets.

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