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Psychological Scoring


Josephine Anstey
The length of time a user engages in an activity and her attitude will be assessed according to a scoring system. This first attempt at scoring the behavior is very crude and will be elaborated and amended during the process of building the application and user testing. 

However, this is a fictional piece rather than an application designed to make any kind of defensible psychological evaluation, so the weighting and interpretation of behavior is necessarily a subjective/authorial process.

Test Interpretation
Test for malleability & procrastinatiop
Length of time user spends with the reeds and in the waterfall 
very short time = death
mid = life
long time = death
Test for Agression
The users willingness to fight, number of stroke per second etc. 
very agressive = death
mid agressive = life
unagressive - death
Test for Protective Instinct
The user picks one of three objects to protect
lamb = death
baby = life
woman = life
Test for Submission
Length of time user stays with monket
very short time = death
mid = life
long time = death