The Trial The Trail - Storyboard December 2003 Pre-Actes

The User (green figure) finds herself on an empty stage. There are curtains on four sides. Navigation is disabled. Three knocks are heard. Music (ref.  Noah's Fludde)

VO (portentious God voice, clears throat): Human child, human child you have been chosen to make a journey to your heart's desire.  Henceforth you will be known as the Seeker. Here are companions. They will accompany you on your Quest.

Kabuki sound of people approaching.
Patofil (red) and Filopat (blue) dance on, music-hall style, from the wings.  They wear masks that reflect their moods. The curtains become increasingly transparent

Filopat (sings): I'm Filopat!
Patofil (sings): I'm Patofil!
Together (sing): We're very, very pleased to meet you, Seeker. Trust in Us! We'll get you through! We are your proud companions of the Quest.

Filopat: Seeker! Behold the land you must traverse!

The curtains & all stage flats fly and rattle up to reveal Act One ...
Story Josephine Anstey, Artwork Orkan Telhan next

The Trial The Trail is an interactive drama for an immersive VR environment.

Dec 2003