The Trail The Trial


Josephine Anstey
Introductory Scene In which the user is taught to navigate in the VR.  Then the user is precipiated into the story.
Act One - Into the Zone


Noise of helicopters. Search lights roaming. The guide, depicted in black, shouts at the user, depicted in red, "Hurry - you're late! Hide!"" User guide and fellow traveller (also black) hide from search lights and helicopters behind a shed.

The guider and fellow traveller are virtual characters.


The guide shows the gate to the "zone" to the user and fellow traveller. The fellow traveller asks, "We have to get to the tower and then we get whatever we want?" The guide grunts assent.


A truck approaches and the helicopter swoops overhead. The guide tells the user and fellow traveller to follow him and run through the gate hiden by the truck.

Question: what if the user doesn't go?

Gates clang shut behind them

Act Two