Josephine Anstey VDRAMA The Trial The Trail


The scripts here have in a sense both the function of a stage manager's book of stagework (cues etc) and a blueprint for the actor-agents performances which can be used both by the person creating the embodiment of the agent and its world in the Ygdrasil, and by the person creating the mind of the agent in SNePs. Each agent has its own script derived from this master plan and written in SNePs.

Part of our research is to evolve a good format for this kind of script or blue-print. These are the scripts we are currently working from, and their format is very much a work in process.

Entre-Acte 2-3
Act Three

We also started to build scripts that anticipate what the user might say, so we can start to build a restricted grammar for speech recognition

Act Three - user

Fall 2005
We are also going to start working with human actors networked into the VE. While we build the agents, we will use these human actors to test the dramatic impact of the interactive drama, and they will also serve as models for the agents. Here are scripts/improv notes for the humans.

Human Actor Script