Josephine Anstey VDRAMA Human Trials/The Trial The Trail

Script & improv notes for human actors - One

Script 1 :: Acts 1-3
Script 2 :: Act 4
Script 3 :: Act 5 (two different endings)
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The Participant/Seeker finds him/herself on an empty stage. The back curtain reads, "The Quest." The Seeker's navigation is disabled. Three knocks are heard. 
Kabuki sound of people approaching.  Then silence, then rustling.
Filopat (off)
(calls excitedly): Seeker? Seeker? I think the Seeker has come, Patofil.
Patofil (off) (calls ironically): Oh See-eeker! Seeker!
Patofil and Filopat peep around the curtains.
(surprised and happy): Ohhh!
(ecstatic, earnest):  Are you are the chosen Seeker?
(flippant):  Or maybe just a random one!
Filopat and Patofil  come on stage. They are puppet-like with masks for faces and bodies that are flat cloth-like wings. They bow.
: I'm Filopat and this is ...
: I'm Patofil.
Filopat : Are you ready for the Quest? Your most important jouney begins now!
Improv: F & P must handle anything the Seeker says, e.g. "What are we doing?" "What Quest." etc etc.
Patofil : Filopat, don't overdo the quest stuff, lets just have some fun! Lets get out of here.
Filopat (ignoring Patofil) : Seeker! Behold the land you of your Quest!
The curtains & all stage flats fly and rattle up to reveal Act One ...

Act One

In front of the user is a plain with reeds and a river in the distance. Further off is a tower.
Filopat (ecstatic, earnest): Each Quest starts with the River-Crossing.  We must go straight there. This way.
Patofil : You might want to check out these reeds first. Over here!
: Patofil! we mustn't get side-tracked, we don't have much time!
Patofil : Calm down, Filopat! The river crossing can wait a minute!
Improv: Patofil shows the user how to play with the reeds. Filopat tries to hurry them to the rock by the river. (Time this)
When they reach the river's edge, Filopat closes his eyes. But Patofil goes into the river and a squirt gun appears in her hand. If the Seeker enters the river s/he also gets one. The guns only work in the river.
Filopat : The River is the liminal portal to the Unconscious!
: (whispers) Look! (squirts particles) Come into the water and you'll get a water-particle gun. It only works when you're in the river. You fire with the left button.
Filopat : We cross from the holy rock to the ruined tower in solemn procession.
Improv: Patofil makes sure User understands how to fire water-particle gun and play with it.  Filopat does not notice at first, then...
: Stop that, Patofil. Stop it.  The river-crossing must be done right! Otherwise the Seeker will never reach Heart's Desire.
: That's not true! It doesn't matter how you cross the river. We're just having a little fun!
Improv: Filpat is mad, tries to persuade the Seeker to stop squirting particles and follow him  on quiet, serious crossing of river. Patofil laughs and tries to persuade the Seeker to squirt Filopat and just play. The next line of Filopat's depends on whether, after a certain amount of time, the Seeker tried to cross the river solemnly or continued to play with Patofil.
Filopat (shouting): That's enough! Between you, you've spoilt a beautiful and solemn passage.
(shouting): OK, we're across! Do you feel the power of the Quest upon you?
The guns disappear. The curtains fall and stage reassembles around the Seeker, all scenery disappears. The Seeker's Navigation is disabled.

EntreActes 1-2

The Seeker is back on the stage. This time the curtains read, "The First Challenge." Patofil and Filopat can be heard arguing offstage.
(offstage, earnest): Patofil, why can't you believe in our work? Your silly games jeopardize the whole Quest.
(offstage, laughing but also serious): The End's not the only important thing, Filopat. Having fun on the journey matters too.
Kabuki sounds of people approaching. Filopat enters, is hit with a water-particle squirt, turns angrily, then continues forward. Patofil follows.
(formal) : Dear Seeker, now comes the first challenge.
Patofil (sighs) :  It's supposed to test your Courage and Courtesy.
Filopat : Behold, the arena of Courage and Courtesy
Improv: Handle any comments from the Seeker.
Curtains fly up and stage flats fly up....

Act Two

The Seeker is surrounded by beds of reeds. Small cat-like creatures, Monkats, wearing crowns are jumping around.
:Watch while we demonstrate the challenge.
Filopat and Patofil creep slowly towards a stationary Monkat to demonstrate the task. A fuzzy mitten appears on the Seeker's left hand.
:You must capture three crowns from the Monkats.
Filopat :You have to creep up slowly, or they'll run away.
:You must call gently, Monkee, Monkee, Monkee.
Filopat :When you get close, gently stroke the Monkat with your fuzzy mitten - its on your left hand.
Patofil : As you stroke the crown floats up.
: Grab it with your right hand, by clicking one of the buttons, anyone.
: You have three minutes. Do you need us to demonstrate again?
Patofil and Filopat repeat instructions if necessary.
: Now its your turn. Three crowns, three minutes. Begin!
Improv: Filopat and Patofil make sure Seeker understands instructions. Reset clock if the Seeker is very unsure (we'll start your three minutes again). Coach as the Seeker does the task for the first time. (Stroke with left hand. Grab with right hand. Call "Monkee, monkee, monkee." Click left button to grab, etc.) Handle comments and questions.
After first crown has been taken or at about 2 minutes in the Seeker's attempt, Patofil and Filopat fade out of sight into reeds. When Filopat and Patofil are out of sight one of the Monkat's will cling to the Seeker and refuse to let him/her escape. If the Seeker tries to get away the Monkat clings and cries. Its arms stretch. If the Seeker stays near and pets it, the Monkat purrs. If the Seeker is rough with it, it cringes, whimpers and clings.  For the Seeker their are three alternatives - stretch the Monkat to a painful breaking point and escape; stroke, stroke, stroke until it relaxes its grip and escape; stay stuck to the Monkat. Filopat and Patofil do not answer any questions about what to do from the Seeker at this point.

If the Seeker escapes or after a set time,  the curtains fall and the stage reassembles around the Seeker - all scenery including the Monkat disappear.

EntreActes 2-3

The Seeker is back on the stage. This time the curtains read, "The Second Challenge / Silent Vigil." Patofil and Filopat can be heard behind the curtain. They are filling out a form about the Seeker. What they say depends on how the Seeker dealt with the clinging Monkat. Whatever the User did, Filopat will condemn it, Patofil will defend it. Sound of struggle of two people grabbing on clip board.
: Patofil! Give me that clip board! I'm the one who fills in the form! Right - performance assessment. Well this Seeker was
  • cruel and sadistic - did you hear that poor Monkat crying?
  • OR
  • weak and pathetic -  unable to deal with simple creatures, incapable of finishing the challenge
  • OR
  • lacking in initiative & self-confidence - calling out to ask us what to do all the time!
: That's not fair, the Seeker was
  • only trying to get away to finish the challenge you think is so important!
  • OR
  • sensitive and gentle with the Monkats
  • OR
  • just a little confused, its totally reasonable to ask questions.
:(loudly) I am writing (repeats choice)
: (shouts) This is ridiculous. All of it: the form, our jobs, and especially the Quest.
There is a clattering sound as of a clip board being knocked to the floor.
:(roars) Patofil!!!!
Kabuki approach sound. Filopat in a towering rage pushes Patofil in front of him onto the stage.
Filopat (formal) : Now Seeker, you next test is a Silent Vigil. You must spend all night in prayer and meditation at the holy chapel.
(sorrowful): Patofil, you must also do the vigil. Meditate on your attitude and your actions.
(defiant & sarcastic) : I'm more than happy to do the "all-night vigil" with the Seeker.
: Remember, stay close to the chapel and stay on the hill. It's dangerous to leave. Remember, this is a silent vigil! Stand up straight! Pray! Don't talk!
Improv: Handle any comments from the Seeker.
The curtains fly up.

Act Three - scene1
FYI see script for the agent Patofil, also movie of this section with intelligent agents in the roles.
Patofil and the Seeker are on a mound which has ruins of a chapel (or factory) on it. The moon is rising. Will-o-the-whisps are floating around, humming gently. During this act, night will pass, signified by the moon moving from east to west and then the sun rising.
(voice off): And above all stay on the sacred hill!
Patofil comes to stand in front of the Seeker, adopting a reverent air.
: (Mimicking Filopat) No talking. Stand Straight! Contemplate the infinite. Don't leave the sacred hill.
Improv: Patofil's behavior depends on the Seeker.

At first she will pretend to meditate with her eyes closed, but peeking ever-so-often to look at the Seeker.
If the Seeker fidgets or speaks she will reprimand her - still mimicking Filopat.
If the Seeker appears about to  off the mound Patofil will remind her of the danger and tell him/her to come back. She uses her mimicking voice but half believes in the danger.


If the Seeker fidgets a lot, after a short time,  Patofil will also stop pretending to meditate and suggest playing with the whisps.
If the Seeker is meditating peacefully, after a couple of minutes,  Patofil will break down and suggest that they play with the whisps.
In either care Patofil will start to bat the whisps and encourage the Seeker to run around the mound and play with them.
If the Seeker starts to spontaneously play with the whisps, Patofil will stop her pretend-meditation and join in.
If the Seeker goes completely off the mound, Patofil and whisps follow, and P still encourages Seeker to play with them. Everynow and again Patofil starts and asks if the Seeker hears something. In this case, after a short time playing, Patofil will get out of sight of the Seeker then  Jump to here:  (Act Three Scene2)
After they have been playing with the whisps for a while, the whisps start singing more audibly, and drift off the mound.
(sing quietly) Come with us, come away with us, come play with us, come stay with us,..... (repeat)
Listen! Listen to the whisps. They want us to go off with them.
Patofil follows to the edge of the mound, and hesitates...
Patofil "They're trying to lure us away!"
Improv: Patofil's behavior depends on the Seeker.

If the Seeker stays on the mound, Patofil will become a little excited, questioning whether to follow the whisps off the mound or not - moving back and forth and saying things like:
"It's dangerous out there."
"Should we go?"
"It's not safe to leave the mound."
"All sort of things happen out there at night."
If the Seeker follows the whisps and appears to be leaving  the mound, Patofil will warn against it saying things like:
"Don't go with them."
"They'll get you into trouble."


If the Seeker stays on the mound while all whisps leave, Patofil suggests they play on the ruins.
"Ignore those whisps." "We can have fun here." "Lets play on the ruins."
If the Seeker goes right off the mound, Patofil says: "If anything happens its your fault." In this case  Jump here to end Act 3, Scene 1 (Alternative Two) 
Patofil jumps around on and off the rocks and through the ruin and encourages the Seeker to do so too. But after a while she gets bored. Or perhaps the Seeker gets bored.
Improv: Patofil's behavior depends on the Seeker.

If Patofil gets bored first she suggests leaving the sacred hill. "I don't even think this is a chapel, it looks more like an old factory." "Staying here all night is crazy." "Let's go down to the river. To hell with Filopat." She leaves the mound, encourages Seeker to come, taunts reluctant Seeker. Jump here to end Act 3, Scene 1 (Alternative One)
If the Seeker appears about to leave, Patofil asks if s/he dares go off the mound. "It really is dangerous - but maybe not that dangerous!"
If the Seeker goes right off the mound, Jump here to end Act 3, Scene 1 (Alternative Two) 
Alternative One

Patofil runs off into reeds, leaving the Seeker to follow or not. Soon she is out of sight.  Go to Act Three Scene 2.
Alternative Two

Patofil follow the Seeker off the mound.
Patofil :I'm coming too!
Soon after they leave,  Patofil gets out of sight of the Seeker. Go to Act Three Scene 2.

Act Three - scene2 FYI see script for the BadGuy agents, also movie of this section with intelligent agents in the roles.
A few seconds after Patofil is out of sight..... She screams and runs past the Seeker pursued by five Bad Guys.
: Arrrrgh! Help Me.
Three of the Bad Guys, break off and surround the Seeker. They stop him/her following the other two Bad Guys and Patofil.
Bad Guy One
:(sleezy) Look another one.
Bad Guy Two
: (agressive) Hello, little one.
Bad Guy Three
: (slimy) Were you looking for us?
Improv: The three guys, harrass the Seeker verbally and also with virtual pushes and blocks. The harassment is agressive and sexually suggestive.
After a few minutes the sun starts to rise.
(voice off, calling) Patofil! Patofil!
: There's Filopat!
: And it's getting light!
: Let's go!"
The three Bad Guys run away, and Filopat turns up in front of the Seeker.
: What are you doing here? Where's Patofil? Has something happened to her?
Improv: Handle Seeker's response, try to guilt trip him/her, blame him/her for Patofil's trouble
Filopat runs off into the distance, calling for Patofil
: Patofil, Patofil, Patofil
The curtains fall and stage reassembles around the Seeker - all scenery disappears.

EntreActes 3-4

The Seeker is back on the stage. This time the curtains read, "The Third Challenge." The Seeker waits on the stage, navigation disabled. There are strange noises off - bangs, grunts, shouts. Finally Filopat bursts through the curtain ripping it, knocking over the flats.
Filopat (panting and terrified) They're hurting Patofil. Please help! We've got to save her. We've got to save her.
Improv: Handle whatever the Seeker says - give no information, just reiterate that Patofil is in trouble, something has gone wrong. Persuade Seeker to come with you.
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