Hallwalls Resolutions 06

Human Trials
Josephine Anstey


Josephine, big screen

We gave two performances of Acts One and Two of Human Trials at the Hallwalls Resolutions 2006 show. Most audience members sat in the screening room and watched a large projection of  the virtual actor Josephine/Patofil's view of the virtual drama.  Josephine/Patofil entered the shared environment via a monitor. Patofil was animated by pre-recorded motion capture.

On the screen in this picture is the user (green robot), trying to snatch a crown from the head of an innocent monkat.
sarah/filopat hmd
Sarah, who played Filopat, was also in front of the screen wearing an HMD. The audience could see her in real life and her avatar, Filopat,on the screen from Josephine/Patofil's perspective. 

Sarah was hooked up to a tracking system so her movements animated Filopat in real time. If the audience squinted at the laptop running Sarah's graphics they could also see Sarah/Filopat's point of view.

On the screen behind the real Sarah, is a virtual monkat.

user, filopat, patofil
In the next room, the audience participant joined the virtual world from a projection-based, passive stereo VR display (that's why the images here are all doubled). S/he saw the virtual Filopat (blue) and the virtual Patofil (red). They tell her that she is to go on an important and life-changing quest.

Thanks to Geoff Baum, Carl Lee & Joanna Raczynska for your help in setting up!
Thanks also to our great audience participants!
Set Up

Hallwalls Screening space ::  Karl thinking about sound set up ::  Josephine and VR screen
The set up required 7 computers (3 graphics, 3 tracking, 1 network server),  1 HMD, 1 passive-stereo VR display, 2 Ascension Space Pad tracking systems, and a sound set-up to allow the actors and participant to hear each other.
Show Time

Filopat & User on the Stage :: In the Reeds :: Filopat and User by the River

Playing with the Water Guns (ganging up on Filopat)

User trying to capture crowns - F & P help and hinder

Filopat and Patofil confer and decide the User is not worthy to continue the quest.

Adam at the stage manager station
Geoff and Lucy take a break
Carl practises bowing his saw
(for another Res performance!)