365 Days 365 Plays - Week 24 (23-29 April)

Josephine Anstey
Playwright Suzan-Lori Parks wrote a play a day for 365 days. Starting on November 11, 2006, professional theater companies and university groups will start performing the plays - a distributed performance that will also last a year. For more information see the chicagoland website on 365

The Intermedia Performance Studio (IPS) at UB in collaboration with the theater department will produce a version of Week 24. The IPS focuses on the integration of live actors, virtual avatars, intelligent actor-agents, dynamic sets and live, mobile audience members. Current collaborators are Josephine Anstey and Dave Pape (Media Study), Sarah Bay-Cheng (Theater and Dance), Stuart C. Shapiro and Jon Bona (Computer Science and Engineering). Amy Holzapfel (Theater and Dance) is the Producer/Dramaturg for our production of 365 Days/Plays Week 24.

StoryBoard (work in progress)