Presentations and Paper Guidelines

1) Paper:
a. length: about 8 pages, single spaced (may include the bibliography, although if the bibliography is a couple pages long, then the paper should be around 9 pages, single spaced.)
b. font: 8 pages in Times New Roman, size 12
c. please double-space the paper before handing in
d. must have citations, citations must be in a common and consistent style

Possible Topics

a. Pick a game(s) and discuss how the interface, game-play and graphics work successfully or unsuccessfully
to create a sense of agency in the player.
b. Pick a game(s), argue that it reinforces/deconstructs negative race and gender stereotypes, reveal how the
interface, game-play, graphics etc. support these negative/positive representations.
c. Pick a game(s), show how it deeply but playfully addresses an important topic; global warming, political 
corruption etc. etc.
d. Make a preliminary definition of game-play and relate it to Sutton-Smith's rhetorics of play.
e. In Espen Aarseth's "Genre Trouble" article (First Person) he states, "Games focus on self-mastery and
exploration of the external world, not exploration of interpersonal relationships (except for multi-player games)."
Discuss and expand upon this statement, using examples from games you choose.

2) Games Review Presentation:
a. 20-25 minutes long- practice out loud so you know about how long it will be
b. use the PowerPoint Presentation Template
c. see below for how to do the sections (the “overview” will instead be a summary of the game)
d. description of game (including video material or playing the game) should not be more than 1/3 - 1/2 of presentation

3) Research Presentation:
a. look for citations
b. check on suggested web sites from class front page
c. follow-up on the authors in the book
d. should be clear connection between resources you are pulling in and something we have read or will read in class- clear or arguable link

Research Presentation should have these sections:
Overview of topic area
Argument with supporting evidence
2nd Argument
3rd Argument
(can have more than 3 arguments but not less

- At the meeting with Josephine and Melissa have already research sources in hand
- Topics between members don’t have to link

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