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M Aug 27  Introduction
W Aug 29  History of Vid Games 1

Josephine Powerpoint

Required Reading:
Celia Pearce: First Person, Towards a Game Theory of Game (pg 143-153)  
Flanagan response First Person (pg 143)
M Sep 3  Labor Day no class
W Sep 5   History of Vid Games 2

Creation of List of Games to Review
Game Review List
M Sep 10 Theoretical Points of Departure: Theories of Play 

Required Reading:
Eric Zimmerman: First Person, Narrative, Interactivity, Play and Games: Four Naughty Concepts in Need of Discipline ( pgs.154-164)

Suggested/Grad Reading:
Sutton-Smith, Ambiguity of Play - Chapter 1

Adam's "Five Critical Reading Strategies" List
Annotated Bibliography Guide

Mini Assignment 1: map reading assignment 
W Sep 12 Theoretical Pts of Departure: Narratology and Ludology 

Melissa's PowerPoint

Janet Murray: First Person, From Game-Story to Cyber-Drama (pgs. 2-12)
+ aarsesth response
Espen Aarseth: First Person, Genre Trouble: Narrativism and the Art of Simulation (pgs. 45-55)
+ crawford and mouthorpe reponse

Ken Perlin: First Person, Can There Be a Form between a Game and a Story?
Markku Erselinen: First Person, Towards Computer Game Studies

Mini Debates - five minutes to prepare a position, using arguments heard and read about- several rounds
Mini Assignment 2 :  write up your argument
M Sep 17 Theoretical Points of Departure: Immersion, Engagement, Presence, Agency

Josephine's Powerpoint - McMahan article Video Game Theory Reader
Melissa's Powerpoint - Murray, Ryan, Keen

Required Reading:
Michael Mateas: First Person,  A Preliminary Poetics for Interactive Drama and Games (pgs. 19 - 32) 
+ Laurel and Frasca responses

J. Yellowlees Douglas and Andrew Hargadon: First Person, The Pleasures of Immersion and Interaction: Schemas, Scripts and the Fifth Business (pgs. 192-206)
+ response by Schechner

Gonzalo Frasca: Videogames of the Oppressed: Critical Thinking, Education, Tolerance and Other Trivial Issues (pgs. 85 -94)
+ response by Ito

in class time to make your own preliminary definitions of immersion and agency with refs + dark play 

Hand in Presentation Choices
Mini Assignment1 is due
W Sep 19 Theoretical Points of Departure: The Body, Avatars and Alternative Selves -

Josephine's Powerpoint: Rosanne Stone, "The Cross-Dressing Psychiatrist"
Melissa's Powerpoint: Wegenstein "Getting Under the Skin: Body and Media Theory"

Required Reading:
Camille Utterback: First Person, Unusual Positions- Embodied Interaction with Symbolic Spaces (pgs. 218-226)
+ responses especially Wortzel on Stelarc
Jill Walker: First Person, How I was played by online Caroline ( pgs. 302 - 309)

Donna Haraway - "A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century," in Simians, Cyborgs and Women: The Reinvention of Nature (New York; Routledge, 1991), pp.149-181

Stone, Turkle

Scheduling of Presentations
Mini Assignment 2 - due
OR reassigment of mini assignment due Monday 24 Sept
Mini Assignment 1: Map on of readings for Monday 24
Mini Assignment 2: Write up your argument for Monday 24

Mini Assignment 3: On Sept 24 you will be required to debate one side of the proposition
"Video Games lead to Violence" - UG pro/Grad Con
Do required readings + find other supporting evidence via linked citation & using websites on this course description page
M Sep 24 Games and Society : Violence, Addiction 

Debate Undergrad v Grad (See Sept 19 for instructions)

Required Reading:
Simon Penny: First Person, Representation, Enaction and the Ethics of Simulation (pgs. 73-84)
Gonzalo Frasca: First Person, Videogames of the Oppressed: Critical Thinking, Education, Tolerance and Other Trivial Issues (pgs. 85-94)

"Coming Up Next: Ambushed on "Donahue"!" by Henry Jenkins,, Aug 20, 2002
 "Violent Media is Good for Kids" by Gerard Jones, Mother, June 28, 2000
 "Does Media Cause Violent Behavior? A Look at the Research" by Dr. Kathryn Wright,, Oct 6, 2000

Mini Assignment 4: On Oct 1 Groups will undertake to present one of the articles. Each group is responsible for informal/oral presentation of its assigned reading (mapping etc. - and also for researching and presenting one linked piece of research ( use web sites on this course description page). 
W Sep 26 Games and Society : Power and Progress - Sutton Smith

Grad-led discussion - semi formal grads to present analysis of each article and discuss links between- UG substantive, critical questions with support reference to something else you have read in this class

Required Reading:
Stuart Moulthorpe: First Person, From Work to Play: Molecular Culture in the Time of Deadly Games (pgs. 56-70)

Ambiguity of Play - rhetorics of child play,  rhetorics of power
Reprise: Simon Penny, First Person, Representation, Enaction and the Ethics of Simulation (pgs. 73-84)

M Oct 1 Games and Society : Race and Gender 

Participatory Discussion ( see Sept 24 for instructions)
"Using Storytelling to Motivate Programming" by Caitlin Kelleher and Randy Pausch Communications of the ACM, July 2007 Vol 50 Number 7 (obtain via UB library)
Alex, Jason, Chris
"Genderplay: Successes and Failures in Character Designs for Videogames" by Jane Pinckard, Game Girl Advance Features Archive, April 16, 2003
Sean, Nicole, Jesse
"Gender Bending in Games" by Dr. Kathryn Wright,, date?
Damian, James, Yvonne
"The Color of Mayhem, in a Wave of Urban Games" and "Artistry, Not Uzis in the Hood" both by Michel Marriott both appeared Aug 12 2004 in New York Times
Anne, Mike, -Jake,-Hao-Chien
"Lara Croft: Feminist Icon or Cyberbimbo? On the Limits of Textual Analysis" by Helen W. Kennedy, Game Studies, Vol2 #2, Dec 2002
Steve, Dave, -Nick
"Understanding the social and cultural processes behind the continual male dominance of computer and video game production and consumption" by James Davis, link is to a .doc file of his thesis (60 pages) at Gamasutra, they also have a link to an article ,"Male Dominance of VideoGame Production: Understanding the social and cultural processes,"(07.08.02)  you have to join Gamasutra to get article (free membership)
Nathan, Morgan,-Dustin,-Ayodele
W Oct 3 Games and Society : Community and Identity - Sutton Smith

Grad-led presentation - UG substantive, critical questions with support reference to something else you have read in this class

Required Reading:
Warren Sack: First Person, What does a Very Large-Scale Conversation Look Like? (pgs. 238-248)

Ambiguity of Play - rhetorics of identity,  child power and identity,
Student Presentations Begin
Research strategies: check the index in book for references to your topic; check the suggested websites on the course description page for references to your topic; search for info via citations on the books and articles; follow up authors that write on this topic.
M Oct 8 Games and Community - living in virtual worlds

James Boatwright
Michael VanEtten (chair)
Nicole Ng
W Oct 10 Game Reviews

Katamari- Dustin Webb
Final Fantasy 7 or Series- Damian Tetkowski
Final Fantasy 7 or Series- Nathan Paul
M Oct 15 Role Playing Games and Performance

Ayodele Balogun
Nick Mason (chair)
Steve Hibit
W Oct 17 Game Reviews

SuperMario Bros 3- Chris Ferrari
Grand Theft Auto- Alex Shuh
Half Life 2- Jason Martakis
M Oct 22 Simulation

Hao-chien Weng (chair)
Jake Posluszny
Nathan Paul
W Oct 24 Game Reviews

Guitar Hero- Jesse Mang
Guitar Hero- Morgan Calhoon
M Oct 29 Artificial Intelligence & A-Life  

Dave Mauzy (chair)
Damian Tetkowski
Ann Moffatt
W Oct 31

Game Reviews

Final Fantasy 7 or Series- Nick Mason
Final Fantasy 7 or Series- Nicole Ng
Tomb Raider- Ayodele Balogun

M Nov 5 Pervasive Games

Chris Ferrari (chair)
Morgan Calhoon
Jesse Mang
W Nov 7 Game Reviews

The Sims- Yvonne Fulmore: Urbz in the City
The Sims- Ann Marie Moffatt
Katamari- Steve Hibit
M Nov 12 Games as Art and Art Games

Alex Schuh
Dustin Webb (chair)
Sean Kruegger
W Nov 14

Game Reviews

World of Warcraft- Michael VanEtten
World of Warcraft- Dave Mauzy
Shin Sangokumusou Dynasty Warriers 4 episode special - Hao-Chien Weng

M Nov 19 Educational and Serious Gaming

Jason Martakis
Yvonne Fulmore (chair)

Jake Posluszny - Simulation Reprise
W Nov 21 thanksgiving (no class)
M Nov 26


W Nov 28 Game Reviews

Halo 3- James Boatwright
Halo 3- Sean Kruegger
Halo 3- Jake Posluszny
M Dec 3 Presentation of Paper Abstracts Paper due
W Dec 5 Round Up