420 3D Virtual Environments
Programming Graphics II - VR

Where & When
Room 242 : M&W 1:00 - 2:50

Josephine Anstey

This production course will extend students knowledge of OpenGL and c++ into the realm of 3D computer graphics programming. We will be using the CAVE library to build virtual environments, which will be displayed on a low-cost VR system at Media Study. Students will learn about the hardware needed for VR systems, (tracking, interactive devices and display devices).  The programming will focused on skills for designing VR applications and object-oriented programming. However, the major focus of the course will be on creating interactive art experiences by programming both graphics and sound.

Practical C++ Programming
Steve Oualine
O'Reilly & Associates ISBN: 1565921399 ;

The OpenGL Programming Guide, Third Edition
Jackie Neider, Tom Davis, & Mason Woo
Addison-Wesley  ISBN: 0201604582

Digital Illusion, Entertaining the Future with High Technology
Clark Dodsworth Jr.
Addison Wesley IBSN: 0 201 84780 9

Work Load
Weekly Programming and Reading Assignments, Final project of Scope, Final Show in VR system
Allow at least 10 hours per week outside of class time

Grading & Attendance policies
Assignments 40%, attendance & participation 20%, final 40%.
Plagiarism will result in a failing grade for that assignment or project..
Late assignments will be downgraded 5% per day late.
More than 3 absences without explanation will impact your grade

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