Art & Tech 415/534

Where and When
T & Th Rm 242

Josephine Anstey -

This is an interdisciplinary seminar exploring issues of visual representation and technology in contemporary society. We will read contemporary theorists on the changes that the information age has brought to our understanding of art, culture, the body, and gender . We will deconstruct what the information age is and who it benefits. We will also read cyberpunk literature, play computer games, visit internet sites and chat rooms, and view documentation of contemporary artists working in digital and interactive media. Students will be expected to participate actively in discussion, and make class presentation. They will also be required to produce a number of responses to the material as well as a final project of real scope and ambition. Students can choose the medium for their responses and project. Written work, art work, film, video, animation, web-based work and multi-media work are all appropriate if defensible.


Decoding Advertisements : Ideology and Meaning in Advertising (Ideas in Progress)
 Judith Williamson
Marion Boyars; ISBN: 0714526150

Electronic Culture: Technology & Visual Representation
Editor Stone, Allucquere R/ Druckrey, Timothy
 Aperture Foundation, Incorporated, Paperback  ISBN: 0893816787

Modest-Witness, Second-Millennium : Femaleman Meets Oncomouse : Feminism and Technoscience
Donna Haraway
Routledge, Paperback  ISBN: 0415912458

Ace Books
 Gibson, William   ISBN: 0441569595

Course Policies

  1. Attendance, Reading & Class Participation - 30%
    1. your attendance grade will drop after 3 unexplained absences
  2. Class Presentations/Responses - 30%
  3. Final Project - 30%

Jan 16
Read Decoding Ads - chapter 1
Visit: Kiss of the Panopticon
Jan 18
Read Decoding Ads - chapter 1
READ: Kiss of the Panopticon: "SO WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT ANYWAY?"
Jan 23
Read Decoding Ads - chapter 2
Read: Kiss of the Panopticon: "The Nature of the Self"
Jan 25
Read Decoding Ads - chapter 2
Read: Kiss of the Panopticon: "IDENTITY & COMMUNITY" follow links to "modernity,"
Jan 30
Read Decoding Ads - chapter 3
Read: Kiss of the Panopticon: "NEW MEDIA:WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD"
Feb 1
Read Decoding Ads - chapter 3
Read: Kiss of the Panopticon: "FEMINIST THEORY"
Feb 6 
Group Project
"Decoding advertisements"
Assignment of future presentations
Feb 8 
Watch The Blade Runner
Read: "Blade Runner"
Feb 13
Decoding Blade Runner
Presentations of Projects

Read: Electronic Culture: Technology & Visual Representation, Bill Nichols (p 121) and Florian
     Rotzer articles (p 247)
Presentations of Projects
Feb 20
Read: Neuromancer (first half)
Presentations of Projects
Feb 22
Read: Neuromancer (second half)
Presentations of Projects
Feb 27
Read: Electronic Culture, N. Katherine Hayes article
Read: Electronic Culture, David Blair article (p305) 
Mar 1
Read: Stone, exerpt from The War of Desire and technology. (A photocopy will be provided);  &
     Electronic Culture, Sherri Turkle article (p354) 
Mar 6 (break)
Mar 8 (break)
Mar 13
Visit Active Worlds, IceBorg, Moos, Muds
Mar 15  
Play Games - presentation of games
Mar 20
Read: Electronic Cultures, Critical Art Ensemble article 
Presentation: Stellarc
Mar 22
Read: Electronic Culture, Hakim Bey (p 369) 
Presentation: Orlan
Mar 27
Read: Electronic Culture, Vilem Flusser (p 242)
Presentation: Eduardo Kac 
Mar 29
Haraway - Syntactics
Final Projects: Presentation of Plan
Apr 3
Haraway - Gene
Apr 5
Haraway - Gene
Apr 10
Haraway - Fetus
Haraway - Fetus
Apr 17
Haraway - Race
Apr 19
Haraway - Race
Apr 24
Apr 26
Final Presentations