415/515 Issues in Gender Machines

Instructor: Josephine  Anstey,  jranstey@acsu.buffalo.edu

Office Hours: Monday 2-4

Where and When: M/W 12:00 - 1:50

Description: This is an interdisciplinary seminar exploring issues relating to the representation of gender and the body in digital media. We will read cyberpunk literature and also theorists like Turkle, Stone, and Haraway . We will play computer games, discuss avatar development, visit internet sites and chat rooms, and view documentation of contemporary artists working in digital and interactive media.Each week a small group of students will lead the discussion of the readings etc.

Students will produce a response to the week's experience's in the medium of their choice;  web-based work,  video,  animation, modelling, sound-art, text (poetry, fiction or analysis), director or flash-based work are all appropriate if defensible. A final project of real scope and ambition, directly relating to the course material, is the major work of the course.

Assignments: You will be expected to make 10 responses to the course in the media of your choice. 2 or 3 will be class presentations. There will also be a final project that will be presented in class. You are responsible for timing the responses.

Grading: 50% assignments, 50% final project

"Electronic Culture: Technology & Visual Representation", Editors Stone,  Druckrey, Timothy
 Aperture Foundation, Incorporated, Paperback

"Modest-Witness, Second-Millennium : Femaleman Meets Oncomouse : Feminism and
Technoscience", Donna Haraway
Routledge, Paperback

"Neuromancer", William Gibson, Ace Books

"Trouble on Triton : An Ambiguous Heterotopia", Samuel R. Delany,
 Wesleyan University Press / University Press of New England

"Silent Interviews: On Language, Race, Sex, Science Fiction, and Some Comics"
 Wesleyan University Press / University Press of New England

Students will add their own ideas/topics to the syllabus:
Final Syllabus