anstey vdrama vr projects teaching resume

Josephine Anstey
Department of Media Study,
University at Buffalo
248A Center for the Arts, Buffalo, NY 14260-6020


Invited Speaker, “Interactive Fiction:Dreams and Realities,” Spring 2006 Colloquia, Center for Cognitive Science, University at Buffalo, April 5th, 2006

Panelist, Delany and New Media, Samuel R. Delany: A Critical Symposium, Poetry/Rare Books Library, University at Buffalo, March 23-24, 2006

Speaker,  Dave Pape, Josephine Anstey, “SnB Collaborative Visualization, ”Best Practises and Threads in VR Applications-Development Guidelines, 2nd Intuition International Workshop, Senlis, Paris, France, Nov 24-25, 2005

Invited Panelist, “Agents in Love:On the Use and Construction of Emotional Agents in VR,” VR and Emotional Content , HCI International/VR International Conference, Las Vegas, NE, July22-27, 2005

VR Presentation for Squeaky Wheel's TechArts for Girls Program, Media Study, University at Buffalo,  June 15, 2005

VR Presentation for Squeaky Wheel's TechArts for Girls Program, Media Study, University at Buffalo,  Nov 13, 2004

Course"Commodity Based Projection VR," with Dave Pape, Bill Sherman, SIGGRAPH  2004,  Los Angeles  CA, August 9, 2004

Workshop "VR for Public Consumption,"  organized with Dave Pape, Maria Roussou, VR 2004,  Chicago IL, March 21, 2004

Invited talk  "Virtual Reality at Work and Play," with Dave Pape at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, September 12, 2003

"The Role of Computers in Media, Art and Entertainment," Speaker, Erie 1 Boces Challenge Seminar, UB, Buffalo, NY,  March 18, 2003

"Cheap New Worlds: Immersive VR - an emerging platform for Artists," Panel Member, "Virtual Reality, Questioning the "Real" in Today's Virtual World," Medi@terra.02: New Platforms, Athens , Greece,  Dec 6-9 2002
"Lecture and Demonstration on Immersive Virtual Reality, " with Dave Pape, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, November 23rd 2002
(first version of "Cheap New Worlds" presentation)
"Building an Affordable Projective, Immersive Display," with Dave Pape,  Educators Workshop at SIGGRAPH 02, San Antonio, TX, July 21-26
 "VR Seminar/Workshop" with Dave Pape, The Interactive Institute, Umeo, Sweden, June 12, 2002
"Virtual Tales: Building VR Art Projects," Crossing Digital Boundaries , A Digital Media Symposium, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, April 19 - 20, 2002
"The Provoking Thing: A VR Relationship" Paper presented at  Emotional and Intelligent II: The Tangled Knot of Social Cognition,  2001 AAAI Fall Symposium,  North Falmouth, MA,   2-4 Nov 2001 (ps)
"Building Immersive Environments",  with Dave Pape & Maria Roussou, Workshop at MCN/CIMI, Los Angeles, CA,  24-27 October,  2001
"The CAVE and Beyond: VR Art in Museums and Galleries," with Donna Cox,  Horst Hortner, Dan Sandin, Paul Sermon, Jeffrey Shaw, Panel at SIGGRAPH 2001, Los Angeles, CA,  12-17 August,  2001
"The User Knows Best: refining a VR Interactive Fiction Project"  Paper presented at  ISEA2000, 10th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Paris, France, 7-10 December,  2000
"Being There: Interactive Fiction in Virtual Reality," Paper presented at Consciusness Reframed 3, Newport, Wales, UK, 24-26 August, 2000
"Dan Sandin Visiting Artist," Co-presenter at Sandin's VR lectures and Workshop, The Santa Fe Art Institute,  Santa Fe,  NM, April 5-7, 2000
"The Thing Growing: Autonomous Characters in VR Interactive Fiction,"  Paper presented at the IEEE Virtual Reality 2000 Conference, New Brunswick, NJ, March 18 - 22, 2000
"Building A VR Narrative," with Dave Pape,  Paper presented at the SPIE: The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality Conference, San Jose, CA, January 23-26, 2000
"The Thing (La Cosa):Applicazione per il cave," VR Workshop, Virtuality and Interactivity, MediArtech '99, Florence, May 1999
"ImmersaDesk VR," Presentations to student groups of VR hardware and applications at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, April 1999
"The Thing Growing," Artist's Presentation, Ars Electronica Festival 98: Info Wars, Linz, Sept 98
"VR Workshop," Presenter at VR workshop organized by Dan Sandin and the Museum of Contemporary Art, at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory, UIC, Fall 1997
"Queer Collaboration," Panelist at the Society for Photographic Education Conference , Chicago, IL 1994
"Visiting Artist," Presentation of video work for the Tucson Visiting Artist Consortium, The Gallagher Fund, and The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ , 1994
"Teaching Collectively," Presentation at the 1984 Women's Studies Conference, CUNY Graduate Center, NYC, 1984