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Uh Oh! 1993 39 mins

Uh Oh! is an interpretation of the Story of Oh by Pauline Reage. In this version both Oh and her lovers are women. Re-enacted scenes from the book are intercut with a love story in which Oh is a waitress in a diner in the desert and her lover is a cowboy/girl. The Story of Oh is written very sparsely - it details sexual pleasure, domination, submission and ritualized humiliation. In Uh Oh!, sado-masochistic sex is a metaphor for love. 

Sado-masochistic sexuality is still an outlaw sexuality, but sado-masochistic love affairs and relationships are ubiquitous. We, the same people who are  shocked, shocked by the whip and the manacles are free to indulge in, roller-coaster emotions rides that plug into the same nexus of domination, submission and humiliation. The names are different, - passion, unrequited love, longing, yearning -  but this tape explores the ways in which the terrain is the same.

Josephine Anstey

Uh Oh  has exhibited widely.

Uh Oh was directed by Julie Zando and produced by Josephine Anstey. 
Emmanuella Vittorini played Oh. Eileen Miles played Rene.