Josephine Home Video

Frufru Le Bon Weston goes to the South Seas 1983 ~2  mins

Julie and I taped Frufru le Bon Weston Goes to the South Seas in my bedroom in Buffalo. I think it was her second video, following the success of Toes are People Too.  The name Fru Fru le Bon Weston was a name I had made up, for no good reason, a sort of alter-ego, and I never knew how to spell it.

The tape consisted of me sitting cross legged on the bed, reading the list of chapters of the book, Pipi Longstocking Goes to the South Seas, and then saying, "This'll be nice," as I turned to the first page. Julie felt that the chapter headings in themselves encapsulated the entire narrative of the book .

The piece is one long take with a slow zoom that started at some point. Sometimes I did a good take and Julie didn't. Sometimes she did a good take and I didn't.

We did over fifty takes. 



Frufru le Bon Weston Goes to the South Seas was directed by Julie Zando.  Josephine Anstey was the performer.