Josephine Anstey

Falling Over You: Interactive Wall

From February 1 to April 20, 2003, the Albright Knox Art Gallery exhibited "Frank Moore: Green Thumb in a Dark Eden".  Moore's work comments on the interface of the technological and biological in medicine and the environment.  The interactive wall commented on Moore's work incorporating subject matter - Niagara Falls - and actual imagery from his paintings.  Visitors' movements in front of the wall effected what visuals were displayed and broke the video flow of Niagara Falls.

The interactive wall was part of the Falling Over You interactive space designed by Kathy Shiroki, one of the education curator's a the Albright Knox who designs interactive spaces for families to accompany exhibitions. Dave Pape and I created the  interactive wall for her in collaboration with Kathy and Rich Cherry. We were also helped by Chris Galbraith and ?

Dave's pages (he did all the hard work!)
My StoryBoard (based on ideas from all)

Dave Pape, Josephine Anstey
Department of Media Study UB
Kathy Shiroki, Rich Cherry -
Albright Knox Museum